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About us

Haixun News Agency [Shanghai Yihuan Cultural Communication Co., LTD., founded in July, 2012], [Shanghai Easybase Network Technology Co., LTD., founded in March, 2007]

Business scope: multilingual network news release, overseas large screen news release, CCTV interview, etc.

Our advantages: we use a variety of high-quality media and news websites to quickly distribute original press releases. Through various advertising platforms and publicity carriers, we effectively deploy promotion strategies and accurately launch product information. We’d like to grow up with our customers hand in hand. We also have great faith in ourselves, as well as our brand.

Chinese business

The Chinese media we cooperate with cover over 3000 news media and channels in China, which have great influence. Our news releases are displayed to major mainstream media in the industry, and the industry features are effectively disseminated through we-media platform for extensive notification. We work with a number of overseas media organizations to help them distribute news about overseas users to Chinese online media.

01.Spot brand exposure

Based on New York to spread the world, brand marketing is highly rewarding.

02.Offline brand communication

Multi-channel offline communication, increase brand influence.

03.Improving Brand Activity

Display brand characteristics and enhance brand value.

News business

With regard to core resources of English and minor languages, we have channels for major media such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Reuters, Nasdaq, Morningstar, etc.. We have a strong competitive advantage in news release in China, such as the resources of CCTV and the resources of various exhibitions. If you have the resource advantage of overseas network news release, we are eager to exchange resource and establish a long-term partnership with you.

01.Keep up with major events and seize marketing opportunities

Big event hot marketing, occupy the best marketing opportunities.

02.Media exposure

A number of media focused on exposure, in-depth brand publicity.

03.Promoting the National Characteristics of Brands

Enhance brand value-added, enhance good feeling.

Times Square

Times Square, located in the triangle of 42nd street, Freund street and 7th street in Manhattan, is the "crossroads of the world" where wealth and culture meet. Here, the annual passenger flow reaches tens of millions of people, and personnel flow reaches hundreds of millions of people. As the world's most eye-catching commercial core location, global high-end brands have long been here to spread the brand image. The information broadcast here has attracted the attention of the BBC, Reuters and other media giants for many times. It has become one of the best windows to "attract the world's attention". Landing in New York's times square has also become the "glorious moment" that many brands dream of.

We launch news and commercials on the nasdaq screen every month. Meanwhile, we distribute and reprint news via Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Morningstar, Reuters, and other famous online media.

  • NO.1

    The crossroads of the world

    The daily peak tourist volume can reach 100,000, with an average annual passenger flow of 40 million and personnel flow of 100 million, which is truly the "crossroads of the world".

  • NO.2

    Golden geographic position

    Times square is at the intersection of Broadway, the Seventh Avenue and 42nd street. Wealth and art go hand in hand here.

  • NO.3

    GDP equivalent to a med-sized city

    New York's times square generates the same GDP as mid-sized cities such as Pittsburgh, Austin and Portland, according to the report.

  • NO.4

    World brand preference

    Superior location and high visitors flow rate make here the world's first choice for brand publicity.


We cooperate with many overseas media organizations to purchase resources and exchange information with each other. If you have good online news resources, you can establish long-term and effective cooperation mechanism with us. In China, we have the advantage of Chinese news release, so that overseas customers can directly launch commercials and live broadcast on CCTV.


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Haixun News Agency focuses on: multilingual network news release, nasdaq screen commercial release, CCTV interview and so on. We use a variety of high-quality media and news websites to quickly distribute original news articles. Through various advertising platforms and publicity carriers, we make effective deployment of promotion strategies and accurate placement of product information.