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On June 11th, the British Consulate General in Guangzhou held a Queen's Birthday Celebration at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.Shenzhen Yuyuan Art, as the exclusive artistic partner of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, attended the ceremony.

At the scene, Yuyuan Art displayed its own wisdom coat of arms and some treasures from the collections of the British, and paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, the representatives of the political and business circles attending the event.

At the event, Ms. Mei Kailun, Consul General of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, presented the honorary certificate of “The British Consulate General in Guangzhou 2019 Queen's Birthday Celebration Exclusive Art Partner” to Ms. Guo Yuli, Chairman of Yuyuan Art.

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